What Should I Do If My Tooth Suddenly Starts Hurting?

Experiencing tooth pain can be both distressing and disruptive to your daily life. Whether it's a dull ache, sharp pain, or sensitivity, dental discomfort should never be ignored. Toothaches can arise from various causes, including dental decay, infection, trauma, or underlying oral health issues. Below, our emergency dentist in Mountain ...
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How to Prevent Bone Loss After Tooth Extraction

When your tooth is severely damaged, decayed, or weakened, sometimes the best course of action is removal. A tooth that’s proving to be a problem can negatively affect your overall oral health, so tooth extraction, followed by restorative treatment, may be required to alleviate discomfort and symptoms. If a space ...
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How Many Implants Will I Need for My Implant Denture?

Missing teeth can cause cosmetic and functional concerns. Fortunately, there are multiple dental treatments that can alleviate those concerns using dental implants. Designed to replace multiple missing teeth, implant dentures offer a more natural look and feel than traditional removable dentures. This innovative dental solution can enhance a patient’s appearance, ...
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How to Find the Best Dentist

A simple Google search can give you a list of dentists in your area, but how will you know if they’re the kind of qualified dentist you want? Knowing how to select an experienced, extensively trained, and patient-focused dental professional can help you and your family enjoy more pleasant and ...
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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can vary in severity—but if you are in any way concerned about the degree of pain or damage you are experiencing, it is always a good idea to contact a dentist as soon as you can to: Assess the nature of the emergency Receive guidance on steps you ...
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How to Choose the Best Implant Dentist

Missing teeth, whether it is one, a few, or all of them, can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. Speaking, eating, and going about daily activities can be difficult or impossible, and many patients with this concern report self-consciousness and even embarrassment about smiling or showing their mouths. Finding a suitable ...
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