Researchers Making Progress on Alternative Treatment to Root Canal

CA dentistryMOUNTAIN VIEW, CA-The phrase ‘I would rather have a root canal’ may lose its effectiveness in the coming years. In a recent study, researchers at Harvard University discovered that exposing a tooth’s cells to laser light can actually stimulate the growth of dentin, the primary substance of a tooth’s structure.

Even though the researchers have yet to test the laser on humans, they have seen some success with rodents. The experiment consisted of drilling two holes in a rodent’s molar and exposing the dentin to the laser light. The growth of tertiary dentin, or hard tooth tissue, was visible after 12 weeks.

Those involved say that while laser light won’t completely regenerate teeth, it would at least restore the structure of the tooth.

Many residents in the area turn to Dr. Donian Shen for her expertise in root canals. Dr. Shen looks forward to how the research comes along, but still views her technique as the ideal treatment approach.

“When patients come in with bone destruction surrounding the tooth, a root canal is oftentimes the best option,” she says. “It’s definitely a procedure that people dread; however, we provide the most effective, comfortable treatment possible. The laser light technique seems promising, but for now, patients can expect the most advanced technology and highest quality of care during their root canal at our practice.”

Unfortunately, many patients put off their root canal because of dental anxiety. This can lead to further damage to your oral health, though.

That’s why Dr. Shen offers sedation dentistry options.

“Our oral and IV sedation can help the most fearful patient,” explains Dr. Shen. “For an extensive procedure such as a root canal, we always try to provide sedation when we can. Plus, it’s approved by the FDA.”

So if you’ve experienced severe swelling, inflammation, toothache or gum soreness, you may need a root canal to improve your oral health. You can feel confident in trusting the procedure to this expert.

Dr. Shen is an elite dentist for implant, cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction cases in the Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View areas. Contact our office for additional information about our root canal procedure.

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