Expert Dentist Provides Unmatched Full Mouth Reconstruction Cases

Cosmetic Dentistry CAMOUNTAIN VIEW, CA-You may not exactly be proud of how your teeth look and feel. But you aren’t alone.

Many people struggle with severe pain, infection, broken teeth and other dental problems. That’s why so many residents in the San Francisco and Oakland areas have chosen Dr. Donian Shen for their full mouth reconstruction procedures.

Her background experience alone sets her apart from other dentists. She holds memberships in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and American Dental Association. Plus, Dr. Shen gained invaluable experience under Dr. Carl Misch, the pioneer of implant dentistry.

Thanks to a wealth of experience in bone/soft tissue grafting and an incredible desire to learn as much as she can, Dr. Shen can be your ideal choice when you choose to move forward with a full mouth reconstruction.

Dr. Shen begins the process by evaluating the patient’s teeth, gum tissue, bite and esthetics. She then develops a comprehensive treatment process that’s unique for each patient.

Often times, this is the point where other dentists fail to communicate well with their patients. However, Dr. Shen makes it a point to listen to your needs and concerns. At that point, she discusses all possible treatment options.

Take it from one of her recent patients.

“She explained the pro’s and con’s of all the procedures she was about to do,” explained Asli in a patient testimonial on Dr. Shen’s website. “She is incredible, full of energy and very knowledgeable.”

According to the AACD, patients who are candidates for full mouth reconstruction can expect to go through a variety of the following procedures.

  • Extraction of hopeless teeth
  • Creation of provisional teeth using templates
  • Periodontal treatment as needed
  • Implant placement and restoration
  • Bone or soft tissue grafting to enhance stability of your teeth
  • Creation of final set of impressions
  • Evaluation for esthetics, function, stability and comfort
  • Scheduling of various future appointments based on the specific patient’s situation

Eliminate the worry of searching for a reputable dentist in the area to perform an extensive procedure such as full mouth reconstruction. You deserve to have the finest, most detailed care for your teeth.

We guarantee that you will love the results of the most professional implant and dental surgeon in the area.

Dr. Shen is a trusted dentist for implant, cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction cases in the Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View areas. Contact our office if you wish to learn more.

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