Sedation Dentistry

2At Smile by Design, your comfort is our highest priority. To help make your dental experience as pleasant as possible, we offer advanced sedation dentistry techniques designed to put you at ease. Dental anxiety and fear associated with the dentist is very common, but this condition shouldn’t stop you from achieving healthy teeth and gums as well as a beautiful smile. Sedation allows our experienced dentist, Dr. Donian Shen, to work more effectively while you relax.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses sedative medications to bring about deep relaxation or sleep so that dental treatments can be completed without anxiety, fear, or discomfort. We offer two techniques: oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. Oral sedation allows you to remain conscious but calmer during treatment. IV sedation is also often called sleep dentistry, as you can essentially go to sleep and wake up with the procedure(s) complete.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Using sedation techniques during dental treatments offers a wide range of benefits. Sedation dentistry can be useful even if you feel comfortable at the dentist. If you have any of the following challenges, we may be able to help:

  • Dental anxiety
  • Fear of needles or injections
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Disabilities or special needs
  • Time constraints
  • Jaw soreness
  • Back or neck limitations
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Extreme pain sensitivity
  • Need for extensive or complex dental work

What Types of Sedation Are Available to Me?

At Smile By Design we offer two kinds of sedation:

Oral Conscious Sedation

A small pill taken before treatment relaxes you, keeping you comfortable and anxiety-free throughout the duration of the appointment. While in this deep state of relaxation, you remain awake and can respond to Dr. Shen’s instructions.

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IV Sedation

Sleep through your entire treatment with sedation administered intravenously. Our highly trained team tracks your vital signs and closely monitors your safety throughout your care.

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Are There Side Effects of Sedation Dentistry?

Fatigue and grogginess are the temporary side effects you are most likely to feel after sedation dentistry. As the sedative medication leaves your system, these side effects typically fade within hours. Your memory of treatment may be hazy or entirely absent, which is a normal response to these types of sedation. Less common side effects can sometimes include lightheadedness, dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, or nausea. While these reactions are considered rare, they are not abnormal and should resolve quickly on their own. We encourage patients to call the practice at any time with questions or concerns.

The lingering effects of oral conscious and IV sedation make it necessary to have a friend or family member ready to drive you home after your appointment. You may also require a bit of assistance upon arriving home and getting settled. We recommend clearing your schedule and resting comfortably until the sedative has completely worn off.

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

The cost for your sedation dentistry treatment plan will be based on your specific needs. Prior to treatment, we will need to complete a thorough medical evaluation and a discussion of your concerns before offering either oral or IV sedation. This consultation costs $60*, and a detailed estimate for your proposed dental treatment and sedation services will be provided at the end of the appointment. The type of sedation and the length of time it is administered are typically the most significant factors to consider when calculating price.

We want all patients to have access to the dental care and sedation services they desire. If you are interested in exploring dental financing options to make paying for treatment more convenient and affordable, a knowledgeable member of our office team can provide you with helpful guidance.

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