When Should I Consider Dental Implants?

Losing one or more teeth can have many drawbacks. You may not be able to eat or drink as easily. You may have difficulty speaking. And you may be self-conscious about smiling. There are many options available to address missing teeth, but dental implants are considered to be the gold standard approach. As an experienced dentist and dental implantologist, Dr. Donian Shen often recommends implants for patients seeking to restore the beauty of their smile after tooth loss.

Dental implants can be an excellent option for a wide range of people, but they’re not appropriate for everyone. The most important consideration is the patient’s health. If you smoke or have a medical condition that affects your rate of healing or ability to fight off infection, Dr. Shen may recommend an alternative restorative treatment. Another factor will be jawbone density. Patients who have used traditional dentures or bridges for long periods may have lost some bone volume over time. Fortunately, Dr. Shen has undergone extensive training in bone and tissue grafting. As a result, even individuals with inadequate bone structure may still be candidates for this procedure.

If you’re tired of uncomfortable dentures or bridges, or if you have one or more missing teeth that makes you hesitate to smile, we can help. Talk to us today to see if dental implants may be right for you.