Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthy, Revamped Smile

Here at Smile By Design in Mountain View, CA, we believe that each and every patient should walk out of our front door with a smile on their face and is more than satisfied with the work done. If you are missing several, most, or all of your teeth and are looking for a minimally-invasive oral procedure, you may qualify for our strong implant-supported dentures. To find out whether or not you are eligible for this tooth restoration treatment, contact our office to schedule your personal, one-on-one consultation with our experienced dentist. First, read along to learn about this specific treatment and then reach out to us to make your dentures appointment today.

Strengthen Your Oral Health

First and foremost, never leave your missing teeth untreated! When doing this, you are potentially causing further oral damage. When the jaw isn’t stimulated by teeth, it starts to deteriorate and will eventually crumble on itself, which is what causes that prematurely-aged sunken look that most people get as they age. To eliminate this embarrassing and unsightly aesthetic, we suggest to many of our Mountain View patients to look into our implant-supported dentures.

What are implant-supported dentures?

Good question! Implant-supported dentures are dentures that are anchored and supported by dental implants which help to keep the dentures sturdy and in place. This is an added bonus especially for those people that have experience with loose dentures falling out at inopportune times. While implanted-supported dentures may require additional time and financial investment, many of our patients report back to us that the wait is well worth the results as well as the benefits.

Who can get implant-supported dentures?

We look for ideal candidates for our implant-supported dentures and these candidates must have generally good overall physical and oral health, are free from medical conditions that may hold them back from oral surgeries, and have sufficient jaw bone and gum tissue material to provide the implant-supported dentures with the solid foundation it needs for a successful treatment.

How do they work?

When treating missing teeth with an implant-supported denture, you can expect to find a custom-designed denture with precision holes along the interior of the piece that will connect with the top of the artificial tooth roots made out of lightweight titanium for a sturdy and permanent fit. Once everything has been connected and secured by our dentist, you will look in the mirror to find beautiful pearly whites that not only fit perfectly, but are also color-matched to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

Reach Out to Smile By Design in Mountain View, CA

Are you ready to shed those old dentures or your toothless grin? Contact our office in Mountain View, CA to schedule your one-on-one, personal consultation. For any questions or concerns, feel free to inquire our friendly front desk staff and they will be more than happy to address them for you. We look forward to assisting you towards your dream smile!